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Family is Like a Pecan Pie

Family is like a pecan pie. There's always something sweet that holds all of the nuts together. My granny Phyllis is the sweet glue that brings our family together throughout the holidays and every occasion in between. She makes each one of us feel extra special. My favorite moments with her are when we bake treats together. She takes her time to ensure that I know every ingredient and she even allows me to put my special touch on traditional family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. A few weeks ago, she taught me how to make homemade pecan pie and tarts as her grandmother did. We rolled dough to make fresh-baked homemade crusts, used fresh ingredients including Georgia pecans, and we added lots of love in every pie. My favorite part of it all was listening to her childhood memories and laughing endlessly together. Of course, my second favorite part was enjoying the delicious pecan pies and tarts that we made. I made pecan pies before, but I used my own recipe. Although mine tasted really good, my great-great grandmother's recipe was so much better. Nothing beats, good times, and family traditions.

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Hello mrs.bridges . it is your student kaiden robinson sorry for the errors but what a lovely story

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